Welcome to our Energy Saving Website

Our mission is to help householders and businesses in the UK to be greener by saving energy and saving money into the bargain. We believe that energy conservation involves taking into account the costs of buying energy efficient devices as well as the benefits.

The energy market and, in particular, the green or renewable energy market, is a fast moving sector, encouraged by government incentives. Most people are far too busy to keep track of the technology available these days, the science behind it, the incentives available and the acronyms. We aim to provide information to all these and thus help our clients to quickly come to well informed decisions relating to saving energy.

Under the Info menu we have topics such as Saving Electricity, which explains why energy prices are so high, what the norm is for household energy consumption, how to check how much energy you are using and how to improve your energy efficiency and also reduce your bills.

In addition to the the free information, we also provide consultancy to people who are looking for more information in specific areas.

Finally, we perform energy assessments on properties in Northamptonshire and neighbouring counties (see Services).  For Domestic properties we create Energy Performace Certifcates (EPCs) and perform Green Deal assessments (resulting in a GDAR).  For Commercial properties we create Energy Performace Certifcates (EPCs) and also Display Energy Certificates (DECs), the latter are required for many publicly-funded buildings.

For more information please read our About Us page.

We look forward to helping you.

John Evans,
Ever So Green Ltd.